Project reports

Here you can find reports of our current progress in IMAJINE Project

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Deliverable 1.1 Conceptual review of the Scientific Literature

Deliverable 1.2 Review of Discourses of Territorial Inequalities in EU policies

Deliverable 1.3 Glossary of key terms and concepts

Deliverable 1.4 Definitions of territorial cohesion among EU and national and regional policy makers – interviews

Deliverable 1.5 Report on the understanding of territorial inequalities and policies in the EU

Deliverable 2.1 Review of Official Data

Deliverable 2.2 Literature Review on Disaggregation methodologies

Deliverable 2.4 Report on Inequality Indices at Local Level

Deliverable 3.1 Review of economic growth models, measurement of convergence and growth indicators

Deliverable 3.2 Report on Economic Growth in EU Territories

Deliverable 3.3 Report on Economic Growth and Spatial Inequalities

D3.4 Report on the Impact of EU Territorial Cohesion Policy (to view D3.4 Impact of European Cohesion Policy.pdf, sign in or create an account)

Deliverable 4.1 Summary of Previous Surveys – Report

D4.3 Summary Report on the IMAJINE Survey (WP4) (to view D4.3 Summary of WP4 Survey Findings.pdf, sign in or create an account)

Deliverable 5.1 Synthesis report on migration flows

Deliverable 5.2 Synthesis report on migration, inequalities and justice

D5.3 Synthesis Report on Perceived and Actual Spatial Inequalities and Migration

Deliverable 6.1 Conceptual Framework for Empirical Research

Deliverable 6.2 Summary report on multi-level policymaking

D6.3 Comparative Analysis of Fiscal Equalisation and Transfers

Deliverable 6.4 Summary Report on Evidenced-based Policy Learning

D6.5 Summary Report on WP6: Synthesis of Findings on Multi-Level Governance

Deliverable 7.1 Conceptual framework and contextual case study report

Deliverable 7.2 Summary Report on Comparative Framing Analysis of Regionalist Movements’ Political Claims

D7.3 Summary Report on Explanation and Impact of Autonomy Movements’ Political Claims

D7.4 Summary Report on Work Package 7

D8.1 Synthesis Report on Social Equality, Service Delivery and Regional Autonomy

D8.2 Policy Report on the Relational Qualities of Spatial Justice

D8.3 Collation of Accessible Textual, Visual and Performance-Based Accounts of Spatial Justice in Europe

D8.4 Initial Outline of Scenarios

D8.7 Conceptual Framework for Empirical Research in WP8

Deliverable 9.1 Corporate Identity

Deliverable 9.3 Project Website And Blog

D10.2 Data Management Plan

Deliverable 10.3 Innovation Management Plan