The institutional dimension of the creation of Kashubian autonomy

Following Monday (April 26) at 5.00 p.m. CET, we invite you to the virtual meeting of the Polish Academy of Sciences’ Committee for Spatial Economy and Regional Planning, where dr. Konrad Czapiewski will present part of the IMAJINE’s Polish case study entitled “Institutional dimension of the creation of Kashubian autonomy”. Presentation will be in Polish (original title: „Instytucjonalny wymiar konstytuowania się odrębności Kaszub”).

The presentation will aim to identify and evaluate the discourse on the issue of Kashubian autonomy conducted by two organisations – the Kashubian-Pomeranian Association and the Kashubian Unity. During the presentation, an attempt will be made to answer the following research questions:

  • In what way do the examined organisations justify their postulates regarding Kashubian autonomy?
  • Did their postulates change in time? Which sphere (political, social, economic, cultural, etc.) do these postulates concern?
  • What factors influence the views expressed and discourse among organisations?
  • Is there any relationship between the organisations’ activities and their impact on local, regional and national policy-making?
  • What are the factors that explain the presentation of certain attitudes by the organisations analysed?

The meeting will be held on the Teams platform. To join the meeting, use the following link: