Invitation to the IMAJINE special session „Territorial inequalities and spatial (in)justice in Europe”

We invite you to the submit your abstract to the IMAJINE related special session organised by Ana Viñuela (University of Oviedo) entitled „Territorial inequalities and spatial (in)justice in Europe”.

This session is part of the XLVI International Conference on Regional Science (Reunión de Estudios Regionales – RER), which will take place at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid on November 24, 25 and 26, 2021. The conference is organized by The Madrid Association of Regional Science and the Spanish Association of Regional Science. For more information on conference, please check here.

The IMAJINE session will deal with the question: How to address territorial inequalities in order to allocate resources following the principles of social and spatial justice?

In order to answer this question, following topics are welcome:

  • measurement and understanding spatial (in)justice and territorial inequalities at national, regional or local level;
  • quantification of the impact of the economic crisis, the austerity policies or the COVID-19 on territorial inequalities, especially in relation to the different models of territorial governance, sustainable economic development and public service delivery;
  • understanding the perceptions of spatial (in)justice vs quantifiable territorial inequalities;
  • framing and justifying territorial autonomy movements and their levels of support in relation to the real or perceived spatial (in)justice;
  • evaluating the efficacy and appropriateness of current territorial policies and instruments for addressing the challenges of territorial inequalities and spatial justice.